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RNS Express™

Receive instant RNS and ACI cargo status notifications from CBSA and perform arrival certification (WACM).

Get real-time RNS and ACI cargo status notifications with our CBSA-certified RNS Express solutions, which enable you to verify arrival, query and manage your cargo status notifications.

Supporting multi-user environments with the ability to configure multiple carriers and sufferance warehouses, RNS Express comes packaged with our Customs Internet Gateway to connect your company directly to CBSA. Enhance your customers experience by integrating our optional RNS module directly into your existing website.


  • Offered as an on-premise solution or as a service
  • Proactive release notifications
  • No third party connectivity
  • No hidden costs


  • Optional web plug-in
  • ACI Status Notifications
  • Arrival certification (WACM)
  • Release status query
  • Automatic message retrieval
  • Release message auto email
  • Auto export EDI files to FTP
  • Manage multiple entities
  • Activity log with complete audit trail
  • Expandable to allow smartphones to look up your shipment statuses