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Customs Internet Gateway

Connect your applications directly to CBSA using our real-time, certified software.

Connect to CBSA the fast, secure, and reliable way with our revolutionary Customs Internet Gateway which enables customs brokers, importers, and carriers to securely exchange and manage Customs EDI data via the web, directly with CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

Replace costly third party VANs by seamlessly integrating your existing ACROSS, CADEX, ACI, RNS, CSA and G7 CAED ready applications to our CBSA certified solution with minimal or no effort at all.


  • Easy integration to existing programs
  • Reduces the risk of AMPS penalties
  • Direct connection to CBSA
  • No third party connectivity
  • No hidden costs


  • Supports multiple trading partners
  • Formats include ACROSS, CADEX, ACI, RNS, CSA and G7 CAED
  • Signed & encrypted messages
  • Message decryption & verification
  • 24/7 Guardian process
  • Virtual email operator
  • Automatic processing of messages
  • Activity log with complete audit trail
  • Extensive query capabilities