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CIFFA July 2002 News Letter
July, 01, 2002

Logistics Software Corp. of Toronto, Ontario, developers of this technology is providing Freight Forwarders, Importers, Exporters, and Customs Brokers with the capability to securely exchange encrypted ACROSS, CADEX and RNS data directly with CBSA via the Internet. The Customs Internet Gateway Exchange (CIG) software application is a viable alternative to costly dedicated phone lines and third party intervention by service providers. It is quickly proving to be the wave of the future, after all, the Internet is going nowhere but up with more than 82% of Canadian businesses already on-line, 53% of which are participating in some form of ebusiness, according to reports issued by Statistics Canada. Certified by CBSA, the CIG software application runs quietly and efficiently on your computer giving full control of all transmissions that transpire solely between you and CBSA. The Windows based application has all the tools necessary to ensure that transmissions have been successfully exchanged with CBSA. Integrated features such as CIG's Virtual Operator will automatically email a specific user, based on the configuration, events that transpire. Comments Michael Muir, President of Logistics Software Corp.: "Organizations are aware of today's ever growing and competitive marketplace. Anytime there are measures available, whether technological or by altering business practices, that can help reduce operating costs and contribute to the bottom line, it is a favorable method for winning new business". He further explains that, "Our clients are realizing overwhelming savings in the first and second year with an impressive percentage of return on investments occurring within these time frames. Its always reassuring to know that as their business increases, their operating costs when using our software will never follow suit." The application is capable of exchanging data with multiple trading partners and is already pre-configured for CBSA's test and production environments. Reporting and database capabilities further extend the functionality of this software application. Logistics Software Corp's portfolio also consists of a Customs Clearance software package, "e-Import Studio", and a wireless RF Warehouse Management System, "Warehouse Explorer", with complete interoperability between all three products.

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