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Paperless brokerage initiative
March, 17, 2015

Logistics Software Corp. is pleased to announce the release of our new Customs Document Transformation Service. This service is the first phase of our paperless brokerage initiative designed to significantly reduce costs and improve the speed and accuracy in which CCI (Canada Customs Invoice) and commercial invoices are processed. Logistics Software successfully launched a pilot project with one of its clients in Q4 of 2014 and the service is now operating in a production environment processing thousands of commercial invoices per month. Thousand line invoices are processed in mere milliseconds!

The service currently supports conversion to our Customs Intelligence customs invoice XML template from PDF Text, ANSI X12 (i.e. 857 and 858), Excel (XLS and XLSX), CSV, and Flat Delimited files with more options being added. The service also supports custom application plug-ins for processing unconventional file formats.

Automating your commercial invoice processing in-house enables you to reduce or reallocate resources without the associated privacy and regulatory risks of outsourcing your data entry process.

Our team is equipped and ready with the analytical tools to help you identify and qualify cost saving opportunities.

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