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CIG celebrates 10 year of success
July, 30, 2012

Logistics Software Corp. is proud to announce the 10th year anniversary of our leading edge software solution, Customs Internet Gateway (CIG), that allows the Customs Broker, Importer, Carrier and Freight Forwarder to securely exchange their own CADEX, ACROSS, RNS and ACI data directly with CBSA via the Internet. More importantly than the significant cost savings, is the security and privacy of your confidential data that is no longer vulnerable, since the data is not funnelled through any third party or service bureau. "Security and privacy of data are fundamental requirements in today's business practices, in particular, with the advent of the Internet. Businesses must establish trust and secure confidence with their customers as well as within their own infrastructure" comments Michael Muir, President of Logistics Software Corp. The CIG software solution has been performing at admirable and impressive levels by meeting the demands and expectations of our clients. Here are just a few of the comments we have been receiving: "...The system has performed flawlessly since we installed it." "...I asked the girls who use the software everyday....They only had good things to say about it and not one negative thing." "...I am sure they will be satisfied." "...Version 2 runs a lot faster and needs less resources." "...Well done.. everything is working fine." "...Top-notch and unparalleled levels of performance and customer support...Keep up the great work !"

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