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PF Collins chooses Logistics Software Corp's customs brokerage software
July, 15, 2008

Logistics Software Corp., proudly announces another successful installation of our certified Canada Customs brokerage software, Customs Intelligence, and our CIG (Customs Internet Gateway) software. On April 29, 2008, PF Collins International Trade Solutions, a company with offices in St. Johns, Halifax and Calgary, completed their migration from a character-based software package to an innovative and leading edge Windows based application developed by Logistics Software Corp. using Microsofts .NET framework and MS SQL server database. Integration was also successfully extended between Customs Intelligence and their accounting software application, including A/R and A/P modules, client/vendor maintenance, and credit checking. The migration simultaneously took place for all offices across Canada. Carmel Trask, CCS, Systems Analyst, comments, we are very pleased with the software and on-going support we received from Logistics Software Corp. during the implementation. They have been excellent and continue to provide the support we need. Since the implementation, we have made many requests for enhancements and features that were not available in the program because other brokers dont necessarily have the same requirements as PF Collins. A number of PF Collins clients come from the offshore petroleum sector and have unique requirements for the temporary entry of vessels, rigs, and other offshore equipment. Logistics Software Corp. has been very accommodating in enhancing their program to allow for these special imports. As well, we have made many requests for enhancements in the area of invoicing and reporting and they have consistently responded in a timely manner. PF Collins highly recommends Logistics Software Corps Customs Intelligence and their Customs Internet Gateway for its quality software and support. Customs Intelligence, officially launched in May 2005, is a comprehensive and clever Windows-based software application developed for the astute customs broker to ensure that shipments crossing Canadian borders are cleared quickly and with the greatest accuracy. Rich in features, with a smartly designed graphical user interface, the system allows all departments within your organization to quickly react and seamlessly process the required electronic information directly and securely with the CBSA (Canada Border and Services Agency). The extensive application has a multitude of resources, including complete ACROSS, RNS and CADEX capabilities, as well as billing schedules, invoicing, summary billing, credit notes, credit checking, pro-rating, GST direct, Duty direct, full integration to Third Party accounting software applications, CCI creation, EDI XML import capabilities for commercial invoices and product databases, B3, B2, LVS, NAFTA certificates, K84s, user controlled access, reporting, email capabilities, daily and automatic updates directly from CBSA and OGD participants, web-links to Canada Customs web-sites, full windows functionality and an easy-to-use graphical user interface. CIG (Customs Internet Gateway) is a CBSA certified software application that enables you to securely exchange data with CBSA via the Internet. The CIG application replaces your existing dedicated CADEX line or third-party service provider by seamlessly integrating your existing CADEX, ACROSS, RNS, DFAIT and ACI ready applications to the Internet. CIG is fully and seamlessly integrated with Customs Intelligence.

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