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Kuehne & Nagel chooses Logistics Software Corp's Customs Internet Gateway software
June, 12, 2006

Kuehne & Nagel, a world wide leader in the logistics industry, with offices across Canada and the world, have implemented Logistics Software Corp.s revolutionary Customs Internet Gateway Exchange (CIG) for direct and secure electronic data exchange with the CBSA (Canada Border and Services Agency) for their entire Canadian Customs Brokerage operations. CIG exchanges ACROSS, RNS, CADEX, CSA, ACI and DFAIT electronic data between the clients own computer and the respective government agencies, such as the CBSA and DFAIT. The CIG software has been revolutionizing the way Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Carriers and Importers/Exporters are communicating with these government agencies as it alleviates the need for costly dedicated communication lines and 3rd party service providers that charge monthly fees in addition to transaction and/or byte changes for each piece of data that is exchanged. Charles Edwards, Project Manager for Kuehne & Nagel comments: We researched all available options for transmitting our data to CBSA. Our desire was to ultimately make use of the Customs Internet Gateway. Our final decision was to go with Logistics Software Corp. and their CIG product. The installation and set-up of CIG was handled extremely well by Logistics Software Corp. They made it effortless on our part. Testing the connection with CBSA was nothing short of remarkable, overall, taking just over a day. Even CBSA advised they hadn't seen testing completed so quickly. We have tested with CBSA many times before for other processes and were extremely pleased and rather amazed at Logistics Softwares' approach. Having run the CIG product in production for some time now, we are happy to say the product works flawlessly. It is very easy to use and we are quite pleased with the automated approach to monitoring. Logistics Software Corp.'s approach to support is also very well received. They have a structured, easy to follow approach with options to suit all situations. They take a very proactive approach to supporting their product and ensure that if an update is required, it is handled seamlessly with absolutely no impact on performance or production. The CIG application, which was certified by the CBSA in January-2001, has been providing savings to many companies while processing millions of transactions per year. The windows based application securely exchanges data directly with the CBSA or DFAIT at the discretion of the client since all software is loaded on their computer. This eliminates any down time and bottlenecks that a 3rd party service provider may have due to maintenance, and most importantly, companies are not exposing their confidential data or sharing their database with anyone. Logistics Software Corp. has been providing software solutions since 1995. Our portfolio also consists of Customs Brokerage software and RNS Message Management Software.

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