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Customs Intelligence goes live
March, 22, 2006

"Customs Intelligence", officially live since November 2005, is a comprehensive Windows based application developed with the latest Microsoft tools and SQL database. The feature rich customs brokerage application includes complete ACROSS, RNS, and CADEX capabilities, as well as, billing schedules, invoicing, credit checking, XML EDI customs, commercial invoice and commodity imports, FIRST transaction generation, GST Direct, full integration to 3rd party accounting software applications, CCI creation, B3, OGD (Across phase III), B2, LVS, K84s, user controlled access, export reports to ADOBE PDF, MS Word or Excel for document imaging purposes, email capabilities, daily and automatic updates directly from CBSA, web-links to Canada Customs web-sites, full windows functionality along with an easy to use graphical user interface, and much more. Customs Intelligence is also seamlessly integrated with Logistics Software Corp's very own CIG (Customs Internet Gateway Exchange), which was certified by CBSA in 2001, and is utilized by a large number of businesses across Canada, that include customs brokers, freight forwarders, carriers and importers. Customs Intelligence has a smooth and logical flow for the wide variety of documents and files that are automatically generated by the system, while providing full visibility from start to finish. Many of the keystrokes that users have been accustomed to entering are alleviated since much of the configuration is done ahead of time as the system is smart enough to automatically recall much of the data that is required for a particular client's shipment information and their related products. Access to the SQL database for specific reporting and analysis, as well as, integration to other software applications can be accomplished quickly and easily. Tracking and tracing of documents happen instantaneously with complete status and visual representations throughout the process cycle. The billing schedule utilities allow the customs broker more versatility and creativity in terms of how they can tailor their charges to suit that of the individual client. Logistics Software Corp., established in 1995 with corporate operations in Toronto are no strangers to the logistics community. This recent milestone and technological ingenuity is an extension of their predecessor, eImport Studio, also a Windows based application which was certified by the CBSA in 1999, initially developed for Importers with bonded warehouse facilities. Our software portfolio also consists of an RNS message management application (RNS Express) that delivers shipment release information instantaneously, as it is processed by the CBSA. Most impressively, is the fact that all of these applications require no 3rd party intervention or service provider as all software is installed on the client's own computer, all of which translates into enhanced security of confidential data and significant savings which carry absolutely no fees for any transactions processed. Michael Muir, President and CEO of Logistics Software Corp comments "Customs Intelligence is revolutionizing the way in which Custom Brokers process their mission critical data. Brokers have been relying on older technology with very limited capabilities. The expansion of EDI, email services, continued growth of government initiatives for data exchange, and the internet have all opened new avenues enabling the customs broker to communicate more efficiently and effectively when exchanging data with the CBSA, their clients, and other trading partners. Customs Intelligence is bringing the brokerage community closer to these trading partners by processing documentation faster with less effort and by streamlining the flow of data and eliminating repetitious data. This results in faster clearance of shipments, less congestion at the border and exchange of electronic data that is accurately reported to the CBSA".

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