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Logistics Software Corp. becomes CSCB Member
December, 01, 2003

Logistics Software Corp. is proud to announce their recent approval by the CSCB, and their existing members, to be included as part of the CSCB Associate Membership. The CSCB providers a wealth of information on a daily basis to the membership, which includes Customs Brokers, Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Sufferance Warehouses, Importers and companies, such as Logistics Software Corp., that provide software solutions and services for the members. An excerpt of our membership announcement, which was distributed by the CSCB, to all members is as follows: Categories: ----------- CANADIAN SOCIETY OF CUSTOMS BROKERS - GENERAL 28 November 2003 - The CSCB Welcomes our Newest Associate Member The CSCB is pleased to welcome our latest associate member, Logistics Software Corp. The companys details follow: Logistics Software Corp. Toronto, Ontario Telephone: 905-843-7433 e-mail: info@logisticssoftware.com Web site: http://logisticssoftware.com The contact is Mr. Michael Muir, President and CEO of Logistics Software Corp. We welcome Logistics Software Inc. to the CSCB, and look forward to working with them in the future.

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