Cargo Tracker

Fast reliable cargo tracking

Keep up to date and track the status of your cargo with our easy to use cloud based solution. Can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website to deliver a personalized user experience to your customers

"Within its first few months of launch, Cargo Tracker has proven to significantly reduce customer service calls and drastically change visibility not only in the road side of business but for all modes of transport. The level of detail is accurate and easy to follow. This tool has drastically reduced phone calls and put the data into the partners hands who need it. Carriers, drivers, and dispatchers. It is a win-win solution!"


  • Real-time cargo notifications
  • RNS and ACI status notices
  • Cargo tracker
  • Smartphone camera integration
  • Open API
  • Personalized branding
  • Customizable user experience


  • Work from anywhere
  • Improve your customers experience
  • Installs on your smartphone home page
  • Integrates to your existing website